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Working Together

for a Fair Society




The Issues

Middle-class families in Canada are working harder than ever, but falling further behind. It’s clear that Stephen Harper’s plan just isn't working.

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Working Together for a Fair Society

The ORANGE Vision


The basic principles and fundamental goals of our party are what differentiates us  - we must never shy away from talking about them or stop striving to achieve them.

We believe in fighting — each and every day — for a more equal society. A much more equal society - economically and socially - that leaves no one behind.  

We believe in competing at the high end instead of the low end.

We believe in a strong and active role for government, because there are many things more important than making a buck in the market like:

  • Universal, publicly-owned and publicly-administered health care.
  • First-class, world-leading public education from pre-kindergarten to lifelong learning.
  • Clean drinking water, clean air, safe food, and safe streets.

We believe in addressing poverty, not just because doing so makes society better for everyone, but because we are our sisters’ keepers, and we do owe all of our fellow citizens our solidarity, our help, and our love.

We believe in respect for First Nations.

We believe that no matter what part of the world we or our ancestors come from, no matter our faith or lack thereof, our race, our ethnicity, our age, our abilities, our gender, our gender identity, our sexual orientation, our level or source of income: we are all equal.

We believe in the right to organize and to be represented by a union — without interference and without fear — so that people can be safe, respected, and well-paid at work.

We believe in a living minimum wage.

We believe in a strong public pension system.

We believe in the future of our rural and resource communities.

We believe in caring for our children and our seniors.

We believe in the right to decent housing.

We believe in investing in our cities, and in public transit.

We believe in protecting our environment.

We believe in an honest, open democracy that governs with integrity and respect.

And we believe these things are practical goals that can be achieved.

Love is better than anger, as a good friend of ours reminded us a few years ago. We are the party of hope. We are the party of optimism. We are the party that is about people coming together to make things better for all.

Andrea Horwath

Leader Ontario NDP



A different type of politician!   A different style of government!

New Ideas for a better Canada, Ontario and Community - a fair society:
  • Follow a citizen-centric framework for government decision making - put people first
  • Define and implement a socially responsible economic framework that supports business and rewards socially responsible enterprise management
  • Facilitate innovation to position Canada, Ontario and Mississauga as a leader in new business development
  • Define and implement a program for sustainable full employment - from skills deficit to world leadership
  • Lift all Canadians out of poverty in one generation
  • Mandate responsible environmental stewardship to protect the environment for future generations
  • Restore Canada as a leader for peace and human rights on the world stage

       "Don't let them tell you it can't be done!"
                                                                                                            Jack Layton

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Mississauga Erin Mills
federal riding

 The new federal riding of Mississauga Erin Mills will come into affect with the next federal election after May 1, 2015.  The map of the new riding can be found here.

Michelle Bilek elected to Regional Diversity Roundtable Board of Directors
Thursday June 27, 2013:  In recognition of her ongoing commitment to give voice to society's less fortunate, unrecognized or neglected, Michelle was elected to the Board of Directors of the Peel Regional Diversity Roundtable.

Michelle Bilek Re-Elected to Provincial NDP Executive
On Friday November 14, 2014 at the Ontario NDP Convention Michelle was re-elected to the Provincial NDP Executive as the Central West Regional Caucus women's representative. Michelle said "I will continue to work with all the Central West riding associations to bring greater communication between our ridings and the executive. I look forward to continuing our work together to strengthen the Central West Regionl!"

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