Michelle Bilek

Working Together

for a Fair Society

"Have a dream that's longer than a lifetime."
Jack Layton

"Some men see things as they are and ask why.
I dream things that never were and say why not

Robert F. Kennedy

Michelle has a reality based vision for Mississauga - Erin Mills: A Better Way Forward

Through years of community involvement, community service and grass-roots political contribution through local NDP Riding Associations Michelle has developed an understanding of the changing demographic and issues facing Mississauga - Erin Mills residents.  Michelle connects to the community through organizations such as the Peel Poverty Action group, Peel Regional Diversity Roundtable, the Homelessness Partnership Strategy, local Labour Councils, Make Poverty History, and many others.  Michelle volunteers as a member of the Peel Regional Diversity Roundtable board and the Homelessness partnership Strategy community advisory board and is a member in many other local service organizations as well as serving as a director on the board of the United Nations Association of Canada Toronto Chapter (UNACTO) and as a member of the UNACTO Environment Committee. Through this long standing involvement in the community Michelle has heard your issues and concerns first hand and has developed an alternative agenda to address these concerns – A better way forward – based on a philosophy of inclusion to give all a voice.  

Michelle believes a better way is achievable by creating a society committed to fairness and equity for all, approaching the world with peace and understanding, and caring for Mother Earth through management for sustainability.  Following her federal and provincial election campaigns Michelle has built a strong base in Mississauga-Erin Mills.  Michelle is experienced and prepared to position the “better way forward” agenda at every opportunity during the upcoming election to ensure the issues and concerns of Mississauga - Erin Mills residents are heard and addressed by all parties.


"A civilization flourishes when people plant trees under which they will never sit."

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